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  • *NEW* EvolveX Body Contouring

Starting at $350 per session

Cosmopolitan named EvolveX one of the BEST BEAUTY TREATMENTS of 2023!

EvolveX Body Sculpting is a popular choice for those wanting to lose weight, especially when diet and exercise aren’t sufficient in getting rid of stubborn fat. It's ideal for patients who have excess pockets of fat or skin that they'd like to tighten up. EvolveX is a non-invasive technology that kills fat cells underneath the skin using radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic energy. RF waves are safe and gentle on your skin, and they work by tightening the underlying skin structure and boosting collagen and elastin production. It's similar to CoolSculpting, except this technology not only focuses on fat reduction, but also muscle toning, tissue remodeling, and skin tightening with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

A minimum of six (6) treatments, one (1) week apart are required for results. Popular treatment areas include the abdomen, waist, arms, inner and outer thighs, back, legs, and booty. As long as you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, fat cells will not return.

*June Promo*

  • Consult & 30 minute session $99 with Nurse Lisa
  • 6 sessions for $999 or 12 sessions for $1900 with Nurse Lisa

Single Session • $350
Package of 6 • $1785 [15% OFF]
Package of 12 • $3360 [35% OFF]

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The Body Contouring Club Membership

The Body Contouring Club is ideal for patients who are looking to make a committed effort to losing weight, getting rid of stubborn fat, or toning muscle. With your membership, you can book up to four (4) treatments per month - one (1) per week - on a specific treatment area. We highly recommend focusing on one (1) treatment area at a time and have a minimum of six (6) treatments before you move on to another.


Body Contouring Club members get access to additional perks, for as long as they are a member, including:

  • 30% OFF Morpheus8 + Forma Packages
  • 15% OFF All Skincare + Latisse

*3 month commitment, then month-to-month. Monthly payments are due at your first treatment each month. To cancel your subscription, please email

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  • Consultation (30 minutes) 


In-person or on the phone, we will go over what your aesthetic or therapeutic needs are. Whether you’re simply looking to freshen up the colour and texture of your skin, to improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, your treatment is custom to you.

I would love to meet you and go over pricing and expectations, longevity of products, amount of products predicted, pain scales, symptom management, realistic expectations, and more. I want you to look and feel your absolute best!

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  • Skin Coaching Consultation 1-on-1 (30 minutes) 


People are always wondering what is right for them when it comes to skincare; skin care coaches take away the guesswork. They give you guidance, encouragement, and sometimes, the tough love that is needed to make real changes in your skin. You may have a quick question or need a complete overhaul of your routine—a skin care coach is there for all those needs. We listen to you, analyze your skin, recommend the best products, and hold your hand throughout the entire process. Scheduled follow-ups may be encouraged throughout your skincare and treatment journey to maximize results and satisfaction.

Medical and pharmaceutical-grade skincare items proven to fight signs of aging, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, control melasma, help with scarring, items safe to use during pregnancy, and more!

We sell SkinCeuticals, Alumier MD, iS Clinical, Colorescience, and Vivier products because we truly believe in their effectiveness.

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  • We ❤ skincare by iS Clinical, SkinCeuticals, Vivier, Colorescience, and eltaMD.

  •  Sculptra (1 hour)

Starting at $750


Ready for more youthful looking skin? Activate your body's natural regenerative process with Sculptra. In this treatment, we address underlying causes of facial aging, not just the symptoms, by helping replenish lost facial collagen and restoring facial volume and fullness over time. Sculptra works with your body to help rebuild lost collagen, which by 45-years-old, is down by 25%. Results appear gradually and can last up to 2 years. 

*If you want to appear more youthful-looking — without appearing like you’ve had work done — then chances are Sculptra may be a good choice for you.*


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  •  Non-Surgical BBL (2 hours)

Starting at $3600


How juicy do you want that peach?! 🍑 The Non-Surgical BBL is the perfect alternative to invasive surgery. This dermal filler works deep in the dermis to help correct cellulite and stimulate collagen. With instant results, little to no discomfort or bruising, and no downtime, it's safe than going under the knife to lift, add volume, or correct hip dips. Results last 2+ years!

On average, 8-16 syringes are required. Variance is dependant on individual anatomy and goals.
• 1-10 Syringes = $450 per syringe
• 11+ Syringes = $400 per syringe

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  • Botox Injections (30 minutes)

$10 per unit

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are clinically proven to temporarily improve the appearance of wrinkles. This treatment targets the muscles of facial expression by blocking the nerve signals to those muscles. Because the majority of wrinkles are caused by repetitive movement of those muscles, it limits those expressions to potentially prevent, or relax and soften, moderate to severe wrinkles. Treatment is recommended every 3-4 months for desired results.

Treatment areas: forehead lines, crow's feet, frown lines, masseter muscle

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200 units = $1400 (Save $400)
100 units = $800 (Save $200)
50 units = $450 (Save $50)


  • Lip Filler + Lip Flip (45 minutes)

Starting at $200

Restore size, correct shape, smooth wrinkles, and build confidence by adding volume to your lips. During a lip filler procedure, Nurse Ali will apply a topical anesthetic to your lips. This will numb your lips so you won’t feel any pain and the process is as comfortable as possible. A thin needle will inject lip filler into any or all parts of your lips, including the edges of your lips (vermillion border), the curve in the center of your upper lip (Cupid’s bow) and your oral commissures (corners of your mouth). Lip filler is an injection of synthetic hyaluronic acid; a natural substance in your body.

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  • Dermal Filler (1 hour)

Starting at $550 per syringe

As we age, our skin loses its volume, hydration, and elasticity, all of which we need in order to promote a youthful, healthy-looking appearance. Dermal Fillers or Facial Fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring sugar in our bodies, which acts like a sponge; keeping your skin hydrated, plump and supple. Over time, your body’s level of this substance decreases which causes your skin to lose its firmness and fullness. Using a filler, which is a temporary and non-surgical procedure, will give volume and smooth small crease resulting in a younger, refreshed, and rejuvenated appearance. We use Radiesse, Sculptra, and hyaluronic acid dermal filler.

Treatments areas: cheek contouring, pyriform aperture, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, chin and chin shadow, jawline defining, neck, temples, tear troughs

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  • Morpheus8 (1.5 hours)

Starting at $500 per session
*3 Sessions Required for Results*

Morpheus8 is a safe and effective deep fractional radio frequency treatment that delivers exceptional skin, tissue and collagen remodeling to improve skin appearance, reduce irregularities, and give a youthful appearance. It's an ideal treatment option for patients who would like to improve their facial appearance without undergoing laser or surgical procedures.

The 24 gold-coated microneedling tips penetrate the skin to a controlled depth and radio wave energy is transmitted in pulses to heat the tissue. This causes tightening, remodels subdermal fat and prompts collagen and elastin production - the two key proteins responsible for skin firmness, tightness, and smoothness.

• A minium if three (3) treatments, six (6) weeks apart, are required for results.

• Proper skincare inbetween treatments will ensure optimal effectiveness. We highly recommend using Vivier V-STAT or Vivier Ultimage paired with one of our medical grade SPF's daily. We will guide you in-clinic on what's best for your unique skin type.

• Morpheus8 can be used on the entire body. Popular treatment areas include eyes, face, neck, cellulite, double chin, scars, stretch marks, and abdomen.

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  • Popular Add-Ons for Morpheus8 & Microneedling

Turbocharge Your Collagen Production with Exosomes
+ $500 per session
Exosome treatment can increase skin collagen in the treated areas by up to six-fold and elastin levels by up to 300%! The increase in collagen and elastin levels will result in the visible reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots; improved skin brightness and hydration; noticeable decrease in redness and skin irritation; and improvement in skin texture and pore size.

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Supercharge Your Morpheus8 with PRP
+ $500 per session
Supercharge your Morpheus8/Microneedling With Platlet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy - aka liquid gold! PRP is a form of cosmetic injectable treatment that uses your own platelet rich plasma. The plasma component contains stem cells and growth-rich platelets. When injected back into the skin, it accelerates the body's natural production of collagen and elastin to provide overall skin rejuvenation.

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Hydro-Boost Your Morpheus8 with HA Booster
+ $550 per session
Hydro-Boost Your Morpheus8 with a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Booster aka superglow! HA Boosters infuse the skin with a combination of hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients including antioxidants, minerals, vitamin B6 and amino acids.

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  • Microneedling with SkinPen® Precision (1 hour)

Starting at $399 per session
*3 Sessions Recommended for Optimal Results*

Using with SkinPen® Precision, this collagen induction therapy gives your skin the reset that it needs. It involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles. The small wounds cause your body to make more collagen and elastin, which heal your skin and help you look younger. Not only is SkinPen the first FDA-cleared microneedling device, but it's also made in the USA – which means it's rigorously tested for safety. Experience radiant results in as little as three treatment sessions! 

Treatments include: hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne scarring, stretch marks, large pores, collagen stimulation, skin resurfacing

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*Want to take your microneedling to the next level? You can choose from the add-on's listed directly above.*


  • "No Filter" Package (1 hour 30 minutes)


A full face transformation using dermal fillers + Botox.
Cheeks, chin, jawline, lip, and under-eye enhancement.
Results lasting 12-24 months.

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  • Dissolving Dermal Filler (30 minutes)

Starting at $150

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid. In some cases, we need to dissolve filler due to migration in the upper lip. Other areas are naturally dissolved over time or by preference.

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  • Permanent Fat Dissolving (1 hour)

$350 each session or 5 Sessions for $1750

Are you at your ideal weight but struggling with extra fat your chin, upper arms, inner thighs, and abdomen are holding on to? Permanent fat dissolving injections dissolve fat using a naturally occurring molecule called deoxycholic acid. When it is injected into fat, it destroys fat cells. As the cells break down, the body gradually eliminates them through its normal metabolic process.

IMPORTANT: This treatment is not useful for anyone interested in kick-starting their weight-loss journey.

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  • Forma Skin Tightening Facial • NEW!

Starting at $1200 for 8 Sessions (*required for results)

THE newest technology for skin tightening and skin rejuvenation - even Kim Kardashian is a big fan of this non-invasive facelift! 

Forma is a non-invasive skin procedure that uses heat and radio frequency to increase collagen production in your face. An anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment, it addresses all areas of the face including the jowls, cheeks, chin, crow’s feet, brows, fine-lines around the mouth, eye bags, neck and horizontal necklines. It will immediately plump the skin and give it an incredible glow. No downtime.

*The secret to younger looking skin is collagen. Forma helps produce more collagen, therefore optimally providing long-lasting results.

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  • Botox "Glass Skin" Facial (45 minutes)

$350 each or 3 for $800
Add on PRP Therapy for $150

Get a glowing, poreless complexion that's 'clear as glass'. The Botox "Glass Skin" Facial is an innovative skin injectable treatment that involves the precise delivery of hyaluronic acid skin boosters, Botox, and skin vitamins to the mesodermal layer under the skin. This process creates an all over smoothing effect by targeting the pores, reducing their appearance and making the skin look brighter in the process. For all skin types and various skin concerns. No downtime.

Want to banish breakouts? Sweat and oil glands are also targeted by this treatment.

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  • OxyGeneo TriPollar® Facial (1 hour)

$199 each or 3 for $450
Add on Dermaplaning for $50

Our clients are loving adding on IV Vitamin Therapy to this treatment! Try it for yourself.

OxyGeneo technology harnesses the power of oxygen to nourish the skin from within. Recruiting natural physiological processes to increase oxygen levels in the skin, this treatment is unlike any other medical-grade facial. Paired with TriPollar® Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, we safely stimulate dormant fibroblast cells and increase delivery of oxygen and nutrients. The activated cells respond by generating new collagen and elastin fibres, as well as hyaluronic acid. With immediate results with NO downtime, OxyGeneo is perfect for those who do not like invasive treatments. You’ll leave with beautiful, vivid, and well-nourished skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Choose to Detox with green tea, Hydrate with blue spirulina, Illuminate with vitamin c + kojic acid, Balance with activated bamboo charcoal, or Revive with red algae.

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  • Chemical Peel (1 hour)

$150 each, 3 for $400, 6 for $600

A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove damaged skin cells, revealing healthier skin underneath. Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, discolored skin, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage.

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  • Hollywood Facial (45 minutes)

$150 each or 3 for $300

The Hollywood Facial by SkinCeuticals is a chemical exfoliation treatment perfect for brightening photodamaged and discoloured skin. Great for all skin types, this facial will decongest your pores and hydrate your skin while reinforcing skin's barrier function and enhancing the feeling of elasticity. An ideal treatment for those with acne scaring, age spots, uneven skin tone, and uneven skin texture.

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  • IV Vitamin Therapy (1 hour)

Starting at $130

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Drip Therapy involves the of infusion nutrients in high concentrations to rapidly aid cellular healing. By bypassing the digestive tract, IV therapy facilitates the direct absorption of nutrients.  This allows the cells to rapidly obtain the nutrients needed to repair and regain strength. The perfect service to add to a facial. 

Choose from Hydra-Boost, Skin-Boost, Rejuvenation, Immune-Boost, or Energy & Performance.

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  • Dermaplaning (30 minutes)


Dermaplaning is a short procedure that’s kind of like getting your face shaved. It’s meant to exfoliate your skin and remove small, fine baby hairs (a.k.a. vellus hairs), so your face glows and feels softer. Dermaplaning can help minimize the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. The procedure can reveal smoother, firmer and healthier skin.

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  • Platlet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy (1 hour)

Starting at $500

Do you have wrinkles and facial lines that you want to get rid of without using dermal fillers? Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy may be your answer. In this treatment, Nurse Ali will take a sample of your blood and isolate the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells. Then, via mirconeedling, this powerful component of your very own blood is applied to the area to rejuvenate skin tone and texture. When platelet-rich plasma is reintroduced to skin on its own through a non-invasive procedure, cell turnover is stimulated, and in turn, collagen and elastin production is ramped up for a plumper, tighter, and smoother complexion.

Treatment types: vampire facial, tear troughs, hand rejuvenation, hair restoration, champagne filler

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  • Hyperhidrosis Treatment


We use Botox injections to block nerve signals responsible for excessive sweating in the underarm area, preventing sweat glands from producing too much sweat. Re-treatment is typically needed in 4-6 months, as the nerves regenerate. Overtime, patients can go longer between treatments.

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  • Migraine Prevention + Treatment (1 hour)


Botox works for migraine headaches because it blocks chemicals called neurotransmitters that carry pain signals from your brain. Botox is like a roadblock in that pathway. It stops the chemicals before they get to the nerve endings around your head and neck. Treatments last for 3-4 months.

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No Show/Cancellation Policy 
A $100.00 credit card hold is required at booking.
We require 24-hours notice prior to re-booking or cancelling any appointment, or you may be charged.

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